Although our tropical island paradise of Koh Kood is relatively remote – and we like it that way 🙂 – Getting to Kama Siri is actually quite straightforward. A bus ride from Bangkok to Trat (around 5 hours), a Ferry to Koh Kood island (just over an hour), and finally a pick-up taxi to the Guest House (15 mins) and you are at your Island “Home from Home”.

Unless you have your own car, probably the easiest method is to use Boonsiri: They provide a van directly from Kao San Road (Bangkok) + a ferry to Koh Kood. This is the easiest way for the journey. Please visit

We hope the following details will be helpful.

Kama Siri
44 Moo 1 Soi Kaset, Koh Kood, Trat, Thailand 23000

คามะสิริ เกาะกูด
44 หมู่ 1 ต. เกาะกูด อ. เกาะกูด จ.ตราด 23000

Tel: +66 (0)891729688

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Detailed Directions – how to go to Koh Kood/Ko Kut

From Bangkok you can get to Trat by bus, van (mini bus), plane, taxi and private car. All visitors first need to come to Trat province (on the mainland) and then take a ferry across to Koh Kood.


Bangkok  >>> Trat Laem Sok >>> Ko Kood >>> Kama Siri


From Bangkok to Trat

:: Bus :: recommended departure is early morning

(Around 5 hours travel time)

Departure Details Contact
BTS Ekamai


Cherd Chai Tour: Most frequently route from 05.00 to 23.30, About 265 THB Tel: +66(0)23912237, +66(0)23912804


999 Transportation (Bor Kor Sor): 04.00, About 220 THB Tel: +66(0)28721777, 1490

999 Transportation Timetable

Suparat Tour: 08.30 to 22.30 Tel: +66(0)23912331, +66(0)29363388
Chock Nu Kul Tour: 23.30 Tel: +66(0)23927680
BTS Morchit Cherd Chai Tour Tel: +66(0)29360043
999 Transportations (Bor Kor Sor): 07.30,11.00,22.00, About 243 THB (38 seats) Tel: +66(0)28721777, 1490

999 Transportation Timetable

Suparat Tour: 06.00 to 23.00 Tel: +66(0)29363388


Note :: Every bus stops at Trat bus station. Some ferry companies will pick you up from there but some companies will not. In that case, you need to take taxi (Tuk Tuk) to Trat market to take free service taxi to Leam Sok Peir. Cost of Tuk Tuk is approximately 60 THB per person or 100 THB per trip.


:: Van (mini bus)

(Around 4 hours)

You can take van from:

  • Morchit ( +66(0)29363388, +66(0)841481551 )
  • Victory Monument ( +66(0)878357096 )
  • Victory Monument in front of Rachavithi Hospital, first departure 5 am ( +66(0)878338985 )
  • Victory Monument next to Century shopping center (frequently)

They can stop at Trat market where free taxi service of ferry stop.


:: Taxi

About 3,400 THB one way

Tel : +66947745864


About 3,000 THB one way

Tel: +66(0)29096624 or hot line +66(0)848787026



:: Plane

Operated by Bangkok Airways to Trat airport.


:: Private car

Way 1: Bangna – Trat (High way No 3) Chonburi to Rayong to Chanthaburi to Trat about 385 Km.

Way 2: Bangna – Bang Pa Kong (High way No 34 to 344 to 3) pass Chanthaburi to Trat about 315 Km.

Way 3: Motor way from Victory monument go straight to Rama 9 then Suwannabumi airport then go to Chonburi then go to Ban Bung then go to Klang, Chantaburi, Trat about 320 Km

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From Trat to Koh Kood

From Trat to Koh Kood you need to take a ferry across to Koh Kood. The ferry companies have a free taxi service from Trat to Laem Sok Pier. If you drive your own car or take a taxi, you can go straight to Laem Sok Pier. Parking is available opposite the Pier, for approximately 100 Baht per day.

There are 3 main ferry companies:

Or contact Kama Siri to book the ferry for you. For the way back we can book the ferry for you for your convenience. A taxi will come to pick you up directly from the guest house.