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10 Things to do on Koh Kood

Things to do on Koh Kood include Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, Adventuring, Climbing, Riding Motorbikes and plenty of activities besides. Now you see there are many and enough activities to do and you don’t need to be just in the hotel room and relax or even lie on the beach just for killing your precious time. Let’s check if there is something we can do together while you are here!

  1. Photography

It’s usual that everyone will take camera in hand just to capture the best moments whilst you’re on holidays – especially this paradise. There are many spots for you, such as Piers, Waterfalls, View points and Beaches where you can stop yourself and be a model with you travel mates. I always do that when the sun sets out here.  Best moments ever! Don’t forget to Hashtag #Kohkood and #Kamasiri on your Social sites.


  1. Scuba Diving 

There are a few diving schools on the island where you can apply and get a PADI certificate after you finish the course. The water here is so clear during the high season and the ocean is still natural – full of plants and beautiful coral that you simply explore. Don’t miss it ! Here’s the information for scuba diving (please mention #Kamasiri!).

  1. Snorkeling

It’s perhaps the most popular thing to do in Koh Kood. You can do snorkeling with the diving companies or even arrange your own trip. Just ride away to the great spots like Ao Praow beach or Bang Bao Bay. You will find the rocky areas and nice coral there with crystal clear waters. I always do like that when I am on the island and the things you need for Snorkeling you can also can get them from our guest house or buy your own from the shops on the island.


  1. Waterfall

The several waterfalls on Koh Kood are very natural places and great environments. Some of them you really need to explore and name for yourself while some are very big and popular waterfalls such as Klong Chao, Klong Yai Kee and Huang Num Keaw. You can find the way to go by our map that I enclose below.

I recommend Huang Num Keaw waterfall – it’s also called The Secret Waterfall – because the way to go looks like an adventure in the rain-forest. You need to walk a bit. In my opinion it’s the most beautiful and nicest for swimming. Let’s see if you agree! You can find out which one is your favorite. Anyway be careful of cliff jumping. There were accidents that happened before.


  1. Swimming

Koh Kood has fabulous beaches, great for swimming with gentle waves and curents and long sloping beaches. Bang Bao is a well-known beach that is a safe place for everyone to swim with white sand, no rocks and calm water. Ao Phrao is the longest and most beautiful beach on Koh Kood. It’s located to the south of the island next to a small fishing village. There are many beautiful beaches to be explored; Klong Chao beach, Sai Dang beach, Takean Beach, Ao Noi beach, Klong Hin Beach, Ngam Kho Beach and Ao Jark beach.


  1. Cooking

We will always have cooking season in our guest house. It’s Thailand 😉 Just ride for a few meters you will find fresh and cheap seafood in the village. Don’t miss your special chance to design your dish by your own. And let’s Party!


  1. Fishing

Fishing is the best meditation ever in my opinion. You just need a fishhook and walk through to the beach, choose one place to sit and stay there until you get enough fish you want. It’s a popular activity that travelers always love to try. And If you would like to get the boat and go through the ocean, there are a few options with local fishermen from the nearby fishing village. The price is around 9000 baht for 20 persons max. They will provide you food, drinks, fruits and snorkeling.


  1. Partying

There are a few bars open during low season and many in high season. Do not assume that Kod Kood is too sleepy to enjoy a Party 🙂 I will highly recommend you a nice place to hang out after a long day swimming; Tawan bar – the live music bar in Koh Kood with a very friendly Thai owner and cute dog called Tawan. I always feel like home when I spend time there with them. Other bars are spread around the island such as Sunset bar, Barist bar, Peter Pan resort etc. Let’s explore !


  1. Repeat 1-8 🙂


  1. For #10, you can design yourself 😛